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Wealth Transfer Planning and Estate & Trust Services


Wealth Preservation and Transfer Planning

Drucker & Scaccetti’s Wealth Transfer Group works with individuals to understand their family’s stories and core values, the businesses they’ve built, the organizations they’ve helped shape, and the legacies they wish to leave behind.

Our firm takes pride in servicing complex family structures involving multiple generations. We become trusted advisors to the family and are eager to work closely with the next generation. We help build legacies by sharing our passion, knowledge, and curiosity.

Within this context, the team works alongside the client to offer creative planning ideas, including consideration of the current tax law and economic factors to determine the most advantageous strategies. The tax ramifications of each decision are carefully considered. With our extensive experience in tax planning and tax return preparation services, we bring insight to the area of pre- and post-mortem estate and income tax planning, dealing with interrelated income tax and estate tax issues, tax elections, and trust funding. Our services also include budgeting and cash flow management across entities and trusts, so we can help you plan your cash flow to fund charitable bequests, beneficiary distributions, and tax payments.

We are collaborative advisors. We know the benefit of having diverse talent around the table to understand an issue and design a plan. Our team of skilled tax professionals works closely with the clients’ attorneys, financial planners, and other advisors. We learn what is important to our client, how best to communicate with them, and become an active member of their advisory team.

Our services include:

  • Federal and state estate/inheritance tax liability planning and projections
  • Visual summary of flow of assets under current estate plan
  • Assistance with family meetings to discuss next generation issues or your estate plan
  • Preparation of annual or bi-annual net worth summaries
  • Review of balance sheet and coordination with estate attorneys regarding transfer of assets either outright or in trust
  • Trust tax situs planning to maximize the tax benefits of certain jurisdictions
  • Cash flow analysis and planning
  • Roth conversion analysis and planning
  • Planning for intra-family notes, including refinancing of existing notes
  • Business succession planning, such as transferring interests in family businesses including coordination with attorneys regarding recapitalization of stock
  • Coordination with valuation specialists to leverage valuation discounts upon the gift or sale of interests in closely held businesses
  • Business sudden succession planning, including working closely with the owner to develop a detailed actionable plan for the days and weeks immediately following an unexpected death or incapacitation of the owner and/or key decision-maker
  • Charitable gift planning, including the use of charitable trusts, donor advised funds, or private foundations
  • Collaborating with the next generation to ensure wealth preservation
  • Family office services

Trust and Estate Tax Return Preparation and Review

Drucker & Scaccetti also offers traditional trust and estate tax services. We have substantial experience in the preparation and review of estate and trust-related tax returns, including:

  • Federal and state estate and trust income tax returns
  • Federal estate tax return, Form 706
  • State inheritance tax returns
  • Federal gift tax return, Form 709

With our acute understanding of the interaction between trust planning vehicles and the taxation of trusts and individuals, we maximize all available tax benefits for trusts and their grantors and beneficiaries.


Call on us today to arrange a consultation where we can learn about your family and describe in more depth the value and peace of mind our team can bring to your planning.

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