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Opportunity Zone Resource Center

Multistate-Tax-ServicesAmong the newest revelations within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 are Opportunity Zones.  The program intends to entice long-term private investments in distressed low-income communities by offering significant federal tax incentives to investors. 

On this site, we strive to give taxpayers as much information as possible on this unique opportunity, of which anyone can take advantage. 

Below are some resources to help you further understand the program, processes, timelines and opportunities. Bookmark this page for future reference, as we plan to add more information as it becomes available.

PICPA Podcast

February 10, 2020, The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) interviewed Chris Catarino, CPA, MT, and Steven Rossman, CPA, MST, to discuss a Qualified Opportunity Zones-related topic, 1031 Exchanges. Listen here  

July 15, 2019, The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) interviewed Chris Catarino, CPA, MT, and Steven Rossman, CPA, MST, to discuss Qualified Opportunity Zones.  Listen here.


The Tax Warriors® Webinar Series

June 5, 2019, "Opportunity Zone Structure & Timelines (with Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld)" Listen to the recorded webinar. Corresponding slides.


February 21, 2019,  "The Experts Discuss Qualified Opportunity Zones" Listen to the recorded webinar



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Tax Warrior Chronicles - IRS Extends Relief for QOFs and Investors Effected by COVID-19 Pandemic - January 26, 2021

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The Philadelphia Inquirer - Opportunity Zones: Rules Finally Come Out, and Yup, They're Complex (But Manageable) - January 7, 2019

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The Times-Tribune (Scranton, PA) - Municipal Officials Upbeat on Tax-Break Program - July 2, 2018

Guidance Issued by the IRS

IRS Notice 2021-10: Extension Relief for QOFs and Investors Amid COVID-19 Pandemic - January 19, 2021

IRS Fact Sheet: How Opportunity Zone Investing Works - issued August 27, 2020

**Final Regulations for Qualified Opportunity Zones issued December 19, 2019** 

**IRS FAQs for Final Regulations for Qualified Opportunity Zones issued December 19, 2019**

REG-120186-18 issued April 17, 2019

REG-115420-18 issued October 19, 2018

IRC Section 1400Z-1. Designation of Qualified Opportunity Zones

IRC Section 1400Z-2. Special Rules of Capital Gains Invested in Opportunity Zones

Revenue Ruling 2018-29 - Special Rules for Capital Gains Invested in Opportunity Zones

INSTRUCTIONS Form 8996 - Qualified Opportunity Fund

FORM 8996 - Qualified Opportunity Fund

IRS FAQs - Qualified Opportunity Zones

Source Documents & Maps

Interactive U.S. Map of Designated Qualified Opportunity Zones

List of Designated U.S. Qualified Opportunity Zones 



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