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Meet The Leadership

The Tax Warriors® offer a powerful combination of skilled professionals and unique structure to form the region’s premier firm for tax, financial and business consulting. We work closely with individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professional service firms and family-owned businesses to provide an unparalleled level of tax planning, finance and accounting services.

The Tax Warrior Team at Drucker & Scaccetti is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, earning their respect and confidence. We recognize the value of personalized service, integrity, creativity, innovation, responsiveness and leadership. These characteristics have defined our client-service philosophy since our firm’s inception in 1990. So, when it comes to protecting our clients’ business interests and defending their personal wealth while appreciating the complexity of the law, The Tax Warriors are second to none.

In addition, D&S professionals and clients alike benefit from our shareholder-associate format, which permits optimum service management, technical control and staff training without sacrificing speed or accuracy. As a result of this personalized service approach, D&S has grown from a firm of seven professionals in 1990 to over 60 professionals today. Each of these shareholders, managers, and associates brings a unique combination of credentials, education and experience to every Tax Warrior client engagement.

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Adopt A Strategic Approach To Protect Your Wealth More Effectively

Tactical Tax Planning

The Tax Warriors protect your assets and chart your path to strong, sustainable growth with strategic business and personal financial consulting.

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Tax Warrior Chronicles

As part of our ongoing client service mission, The Tax Warriors post regular articles on subjects critical to the success and protection of our clients’ financial interests.

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