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The Tax Warrior Mantra

Back when our firm was discovering its character and personality, two valued clients helped us better define who we are and what we stand for. They simply looked inward at how we helped with their tax planning, and from their experiences came The Tax Warrior Mantra. The words were conceived by entrepreneur, inventor and record-setting world circumnavigator, the late Reese Palley, and the images are from the mind of Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial illustrator, the late Tony Auth, whose career with the Philadelphia Inquirer spanned more than 40 years.  So, here is The Tax Warrior Mantra.

"Accountants can have a sense of humor.

Many years ago, we chose taxwarriors.com as one of our internet domain names. While this was initially done with humor, there is a real purpose to our choice.

Rooted in our philosophy of fighting for our clients, we take on the mantle of the “Warrior” with some humor and great seriousness.  Our clients know that we are not a traditional accounting firm choosing to remain “independent.”  Rather, in the great tradition of the Warriors of the past, we are our clients’ financial advocate.

This is our philosophy…

When King Arthur of the Round Table sought to redress injustice, he sent out his Warrior Knights to do the job.CM5 

When the ancient Emperors of Japan were required to impose justice in their realm, they called upon their Samurai Warriors. CM4

In 1215, when the King of England wielded excessive power, the Warrior Barons imposed the Magna Carta upon him.CM2


With few avenues for justice, when the Jews of the Middle Ages needed a protector, they conjured up the Warrior Golem.CM3 

 When God was in trouble, and the Devil was ascending, he summoned the Warrior Archangel, Michael, to do battle for the Lord.CM1 

During difficult times in human history, when the chips were down and reason did not prevail, the ultimate call for help by those in need was to the Warriors—be they Knights, Samurais, Barons, Golems, or Archangels.

It is the Warriors who stand between the governed and the unbridled power of the governors.

So be seated and comforted, your protector and advocate is near.

Welcome to the realm of the Tax Warriors.

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