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Liquidity & Restructuring Analysis Services

DSMarketing024-1When you are struggling to manage and understand your cash flow, even working inside a company of talented people can present challenges in obtaining clarity and answers to your liquidity questions and concerns. Additional financial expertise is often required to gather and present the data into concise, actionable information. Drucker & Scaccetti can help. More important than profits, cash flow is the lifeline of a business.

Drucker & Scaccetti’s expertise in financial analysis and understanding complex taxation uniquely positions us to work closely with you, your internal financial team, and your banker or your legal counsel to navigate the nuances of liquidity and restructuring decisions. We are trusted advisors with years of cash flow experience including structuring a framework to stabilize operations, reporting to lenders and investors, addressing change management, restructuring debt, and assisting in exit strategies.

Our focus is Tax As A Business Strategy®. We have a deep understanding of the intersection of financial analysis, law, and tax, and bring decades of advisory experience for closely held family and entrepreneurially driven businesses. 

Specifically, Drucker & Scaccetti offers:


Cash Flow Analysis:
  • 13-week cash flow forecasting
  • Cash burn analysis and strategic planning
  • Going concern analysis
  • Bankruptcy-related planning, including cash collateral budgets and plan projections
Net operating loss tax-advantaged strategies


Operate as a valuable member of the financial advisory team exploring restructuring options
Consulting for restructuring and bankruptcy alternatives:
  • Debt management planning, including debt-for-debt and debt-for-equity transactions
  • Financial contingency planning
  • Reviewing proper entity structure, including reviewing current structure and entity choices/simplification
  • Out-of-court restructuring vs. in-court bankruptcy analysis
  • Review financial implications of equity/sale transactions, including preparation of cash flow and tax projections
Pre- and post-restructuring/bankruptcy tax planning:
  • Bankruptcy tax preparation services, including acting as interim internal tax management
  • Preparing tax basis balance sheets
  • Helping to prepare required schedules and statements
  • Cancellation of debt consulting
  • Tax attribute preservation services
  • Tax advice for reorganization
Expert testimony and litigation support  

Exit strategy consulting


Call on us today to discuss your liquidity and restructuring challenges. The Tax Warriors® at Drucker & Scaccetti are always prepared to help.


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