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Modern Family and LGBTQ
Tax Consulting & Financial Planning

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RainbowFlag-resized-202In the last few years, remarkable changes have occurred in state and federal laws to more inclusively recognize non-traditional relationships and family structures. From legalizing same-sex marriage, to making it easier to include all your loved ones in estate planning and health insurance plans, the law is beginning to catch up with societal norms. To most, these changes are new and those affected can benefit from expert guidance navigating the confusing laws that now protect and include them…especially those in the tax code.

The Tax Warriors® at Drucker & Scaccetti were among the first accounting firms to develop a group dedicated to the needs of the modern family and LGBTQ community. A multiple award-winning staff of tax advisors and financial planners are here to help apply the most tax-efficient financial strategies for you, your family and your business. Whether you are married, or choose not to be; whether you have children naturally, via a surrogate, or adopt; whether you know how the tax law benefits you or not; or if you are just more comfortable doing business with an ally and professionals in the community, know that our highly respected tax and financial strategists are here to help, and have years of experience in this specific area.  We understand that providing and planning for your family and your business are universal desires, no matter who you are.

Below is a summary of some services we provide and well as various resources about the latest-breaking issues relating to the LGBTQ community and their families.

  • Analysis of economic impact of marriage
  • Tax Compliance (including amended returns, protective refund claims and determination of proper filing status going forward)
  • Tax Consulting & Projections
  • Estate Planning
  • Review of state domicile/residency and related tax affect
  • Periodic review and refinement of financial objectives
  • Investment record keeping and reporting
  • Assistance securing mortgages or refinancing


From the Tax Warrior Chronicles:

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Need an expert to speak on LGBTQ tax & financial planning issues? Book Rosalind Sutch, CPA, MT, D&S Modern Family and LGBTQ Tax Consulting & Financial Planning practice leader, for your next client-focused event, webinar or conference.

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