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DS_Marketing_020In today’s increasingly interconnected and international marketplace, it’s essential for businesses and individuals to have an in-depth understanding of local legal and fiscal rules, regulations and practices when participating in cross-border transactions and activities. The Tax Warriors® provide unrivaled resources and unmatched knowledge of this complex international sphere.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide clients with the most reliable international tax advice and planning services, Drucker & Scaccetti (D&S) maintains an active membership in Geneva Group International (GGI), a highly selective and leading worldwide organization of independent professional law, accounting, tax and consulting firms.

Partnering with The Tax Warriors means you benefit from the expertise of our highly skilled team of international tax experts as well as from GGI’s international coverage, which includes high-quality firms in most major financial and commercial centers around the globe. When conducting business outside of the U.S., and in need of tax advice within those countries, we can connect you with a GGI member firm with confidence.

Whether you are an expatriate, someone who is focused on asset protection, establishing a business presence in another country or contemplating an in-bound or out-bound international transaction, The Tax Warriors are here to offer our internationally astute knowledge arsenal.

D&S international clients and projects have included:

  • A U.S. company providing investment banking and advisory services in the emerging market of Vietnam
  • A U.S. subsidiary of a Canadian company specializing in customized shipping
  • A U.S. subsidiary of an Israeli company specializing in data protection against data loss, misuse and theft
  • A U.S. company specializing in the design and manufacturing of medical equipment selling and leasing equipment to customers in Canada, Germany and Japan
  • A U.S. company owned by a Canadian entrepreneur that provides security to worldwide telecommunication companies
  • A large, international Canadian law firm with an office in the U.S. specializing in business law, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and commercial law for international clients
  • A Canadian subsidiary of a U.S. company specializing in the glass packaging industry
  • A U.S. subsidiary of a United Kingdom company providing online learning solutions
  • A U.S. company that uses foreign subsidiaries to finance the acquisition of financial investment products
  • U.S. and foreign individuals and entities that own real estate in the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions
  • Multiple non-U.S. companies using the internet to access the U.S. market
  • A large corporate group of international corporations which provides telecommunications services to the emerging market

D&S also advises and assists clients with the following transactions:

  • Consult with clients of other accounting firms in connection with their international operations
  • Prepare information returns of U.S. persons with respect to foreign ownership and foreign subsidiaries
  • Advise U.S. companies entering the international market on sub-part F and controlled foreign corporation income tax rules
  • Prepare complex individual and business tax returns that include international transactions
  • Represent individuals and companies on foreign bank and financial account filings and reporting of foreign investment income
  • Advise foreign executives, who live and work in the US, of their tax filing and financial reporting obligations
  • Assist non-filers in meeting past and future foreign bank and financial reporting obligations, including representation before the Internal Revenue Service under the its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.
  • Advise individuals on expatriation tax issues
  • Structure a foreign trading companies to maximize tax deferral under U.S. and foreign tax regimes
  • Represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service in connection with intercompany pricing issues
  • Work with Canadian accounting firms to structure intercompany pricing agreement in connection with tax examination by Canadian taxing authorities
  • Work with United Kingdom legal and tax advisors for a U.S. company’s acquisition and development of industrial real estate sites

If you or your company is involved in, or plans to conduct business in, international markets and you want access to the most qualified team of local experts and professionals around the world, schedule a consultation with us.  

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