Executive Tax &
Financial Benefits Program

Drucker & Scaccetti’s Executive Tax & Financial Benefits Program is designed to deliver tax and financial services to your executives in a personal, efficient and powerful manner. This program’s core services include preparation and review of individual income tax returns as well as tax and financial planning to reduce federal, state and local tax obligations.

The Tax Warriors® at Drucker & Scaccetti offer our clients' mid-level and/or senior executives an introductory seminar to familiarize them with our Program. We also provide an ongoing series of informative tax and financial seminars for these executives (and their significant others, if desired) designed to help these individuals achieve meaningful financial literacy. These seminars help attendees organize their thoughts, concerns and questions in anticipation of the program’s next step.

After the seminar(s) are completed, each participating executive is given an opportunity to schedule a two-hour personal meeting with one of our expert Tax Warriors. This financial “check-up” is offered at no cost to the executive and, if desired, their significant other.

Seminars, combined with regular check-ups, are the basis for the dynamic tax and financial planning process that Drucker & Scaccetti provides for your company’s executive team.

Each executive program The Tax Warriors® design is customized to meet the needs of your company and its top employees. Costs vary according to the amount and frequency of seminars provided and the number of executives who participate in the program.

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