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Core Values

SMALL - D&S Marketing_063Our Core Values guide us and are an integral part of our growth, focus and approach to our talent and our clients. They are common values shared by innovative firms and leaders all around the globe.

ONE FIRM – a common understanding that we are better together when we collaborate, motivate and mentor each other. Our firm owns the client relationship, not just one employee.

ALWAYS GROWING – Whether it is our long-term vision of a global player in tax consulting, a more inward focus on the professional and personal growth of our people, or the growth of our community, we are in a state of perpetual growth.

BE ENTHUSIASTIC – Approach all endeavors with the zeal and sagacity that embodies so many of the greatest innovators. Find the excitement in every challenge.

BE CURIOUS – Ask the additional question. Poke around a little more for an answer. Listen—really listen—to what’s being said around and to you.

SOLVE PROBLEMS – For each other, for the firm, for our clients. Be agile and bold and think strategically. Have the grit to excel. If necessity is the mother of invention, being better is the mother of innovation.

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