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D&S Marketing_023With today’s dynamic business scene, it’s not enough for tax professionals to simply meet the state-mandated, minimum continuing professional education guidelines. If we aspire to help clients thrive and grow in an environment of constant and rapid change, we must do much more. To meet this challenge, we created the Drucker & Scaccetti Business Academy (DSBA) to help our advisors deliver transformational--not transactional--client service. Through a series of internal and external educational programs, DSBA sharpens the business acumen of our advisors, providing resources to support life-long learning, and personal professional development.  

D&S Marketing_069Our goal is to create well-rounded and trusted advisors–not just tax preparers—and prepare our advisors for the challenges and opportunities of our current and future firm.

DSBA provides a forum to discuss tax and non-tax related business and financial topics important to our clients and their team of advisors. Our professionals volunteer to teach a tax topic that’s timely and “in demand.” No canned programs, but, instead, insightful understanding of the tax law and its application. The non-tax related programs include time management techniques, critical analytical writing, technology know-how, data analytical proficiencies, communication and change-management skills.

DSBA also teams up with external trained professionals who understand the differences between mentoring, managing and coaching. Our mentors, who are trained by these professionals, employ a non-judgmental approach enabling our advisors to develop their own approaches to difficult situations, and to strengthen their critical thinking over time. By training our mentors, our senior staff are rewarded by knowing they are helping a colleague grow and flourish using proven techniques.

marketing-meetingOur firm is involved in our community. We encourage and support the passions of our advisors to participate in networking and thought leadership opportunities with associations, community groups, and professional organizations. We train our advisors to speak or present to large groups; coaching them to accept more challenging opportunities as they grow in their confidence.

However, it isn’t all about ‘work.’ DSBA offers speakers and courses on life strategies including wellness information for healthy habits;  new parent workshops offering a colleague who has worked through those challenging months of transitioning into a new role as a parent; and mindfulness meditation techniques to help reduce stress.

DSBA provides the support, tools and skills needed to ensure our advisors find meaning and fulfillment in their career at Drucker & Scaccetti. With DSBA, the road of learning and growing never ends. #AlwaysGrowing




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Mapping a career as a tax advisor with DSBA

Personal and Professional Development

Networking, mentoring, coaching. All of these concepts are part of DSBA. Fostering personal and professional growth and success, while adhering to our core values, is part of our total-person view at Drucker & Scaccetti.

Always Growing * Keep Learning * Challenge



Creating trusted advisors to our clients

Tax laws, at all levels, change regularly.  The complexity can be daunting.  To develop the best advisors for this change and complexity, we invest in training, education and guidance through life experiences for our people. This enables them to relate to clients' on a business and personal level, and build valued trust along the way.

Solve Problems * Actively Listen * Be the Expert



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