Tax Warrior Chronicles

Trump and House Agree to Extend Expired Tax Incentives

Posted on Tue, Dec 17, 2019

By: Eric R. Elmore


Amidst all the talk about impeachment and the hard-line partisan politics in Washington was a pearl of good news for the American taxpayer. Over the weekend, congressional leaders and the White House agreed to extend, through 2020, the group of tax provisions commonly known as "tax extenders." What does this mean for you?  Let’s take a look…

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Here We Go Again…Will Congress Deal with Expired “Extender” Provisions?

Posted on Mon, Aug 03, 2015

The "Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014" (TIPA), passed late last year, extended through the end of 2014, a host of then-expired "extender" provisions. But, as things currently stand, these provisions have again expired. Once again taxpayers are waiting before year end to see how Congress will address them (if at all). The Senate Finance Committee has passed a bill, now it's up to the full Senate and House to move the bill before the end of the year. This blog post provides a list of the individual and business extender provisions that are under consideration.

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What Do "Groundhog Day" and Taxes Have in Common?

Posted on Mon, Feb 02, 2015

Just like Bill Murray’s character in the movie Groundhog Day, we wake up each year and experience the same thing over and over again.  But instead of watching Punxsutawney Phil attempt to predict the weather, we see Congress pass the same tax extenders year after year rather than making these provisions permanent.

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SPECIAL VIDEO – “Keys to Reducing My 2014 Tax Liability”

Posted on Wed, Dec 17, 2014

Time is running out to take meaningful action to reduce your 2014 tax liability. And, with President Obama poised to sign the Tax Extenders bill, there is plenty to consider.  Money Matters TV hosts Brian Kohute and Jane Scaccetti recorded a special show to help you reduce your 2014 tax liability. Several scenarios are discussed and you’ll get valuable tips on how you can stay on top of the 2014 tax changes and be better prepared to file your 2014 return in April.

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