Tax Warrior Chronicles

A Primer on Business Entity Types – Which is Best for You?

Posted on Thu, Dec 09, 2021

By: Iliana Rozon-Liz and Beth Gaasbeck, CPA, MBA


When starting a new business, selecting the proper entity structure is one of the first, and most important, decisions a business owner must make. Converting an existing business to a different entity type could be time consuming, costly, and result in unintended negative tax consequences, so it is best to carefully consider your options up front. In today’s blog, we will explore some of the defining characteristics of common business entity types, including the number of owners the business can have, the degree of personal liability you will have from the business, and how you can fund the business.

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Tax Warrior Vlog - Are You a Tax-Savvy Entrepreneur?

Posted on Mon, Aug 26, 2019

Anyone can be an entrepreneur, but being a tax-savvy entrepreneur can put you on the road to success! Today, Keisha Price talks about a few things you can focus on to ensure your business taxes are under control.

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