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Posted on Thu, Oct 17, 2019 ©2021 Drucker & Scaccetti

Jane-ScaccettiBy: Jane Scaccetti, CEO


This is the time of year when experienced tax professionals may be looking to change firms. For all professionals, serious about their career, it is difficult to know where you will be happy and find meaning. There are so many factors to consider. We all value loyalty. And, as someone once told me, ‘the grass may be greener, but you still must mow it!’ But for many, especially those serious about their tax careers, they may want to consider a different firm--different for the sake of being better. After all, it is as much about art (culture, people, values, priorities) as science (technology, governance, accountability).


We take pride in what makes our boutique firm different from, yet competitive with, the larger firms. First, let's dispel the perception that boutique equals small. We are nearly 100 people strong and growing. Mainly determined by our observation, our tax-only firm is as large or larger than the tax departments of most regional and a few national firms in Philly. We think our people learn more and faster than if they worked with a national firm. This is confirmed when we hire their alumnus. We are amazed at the depth and breadth of the technical and analytical skills of our staff.


We encourage and covet the intimate relationship with our clients. But to do that, we must start first by building deeper relationships within our firm, with partners and staff interacting at all levels.


It is easier to attract clients to our size firm. Our mission is to service the high-net-worth families, family-owned and entrepreneurially driven businesses. They tend, as a group, to be dynamic, complex and fiercely loyal. They want results not red tape, stringent fees and the feeling that comes with being one of many. They seek agility and accessibility.


A boutique firm attracts a client because of relationships and not an RFP process. For our clients, who and why you choose a firm is more important than how much they cost.


And last, in a boutique firm we work on tax issues but also work on the bigger picture, often with our clients’ other advisors as a valued member of the team. At Drucker & Scaccetti, your business acumen and analytical skills are as important as your technical tax skills. We see a variety of projects--not strictly tax; it is just the nature of the work we do.


If you are an experienced tax professional, we hope you will consider Drucker & Scaccetti; we are different because we view tax from a different lens than many of the larger accounting firms. These are never easy decisions, but if there is more information or clarification needed, please call us or visit our careers page for experienced professionals. We will hold all inquiries at the highest level of confidentiality.


Come see something that is different for the sake of being better.

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