Tax Warrior Chronicles

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Gen Z Series: Prenuptial Agreements: Are They Necessary?

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Considerations When Inheriting an IRA

Dual-Residency Issues – Vacation Homes

Where a Trust is Set Up Matters

No-Income-Tax States: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener!

*Action Needed by Year End* - Possibly Last Chance for Back-Door ROTH IRAs

A Primer on Business Entity Types – Which is Best for You?

Identifying and Handling Notices from PA Department of Revenue

529 Contributions as a Holiday Gift

RMD **Reminder** and Effective Ways to Use Them

Inflation Adjustments *Increase Tax Deductions and Credits* for 2022

Planning Considerations When Changing State of Residence

Reflections on the OECD Global Tax Reform Deal

State Tax Implications for Individuals Working Remotely

New Online Philadelphia Tax Center to Launch Nov. 1

Cyber Security: Signs of a Potentially Nefarious Email

What’s In the Ways & Means Committee Outline of Proposed New Tax Laws

Medicare and Your Social Security Benefits

Online Gambling & Sports Betting: The IRS Perspective

Proposed Capital Gains Rate Increase Impact on the Sale of a Family Business

GUEST BLOG – From a Distance: Tax Traps of a Remote Workforce

PPP Update #23 - New Portal Links PPP Borrowers Directly with SBA for Loan Forgiveness

“Roth or Reason” – A Case for Baby Boomers to Move to Roth IRAs

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BEWARE: Pandemic-related Scams Lead the IRS’s Hit List

Why Beneficiary Designations Are Critically Important

Calculating Contributions to 529 College Savings Plans

Your Child Tax Payments Could Be Coming Soon!

Biden Tax Proposals & Highlights from the Green Book:  Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Increase and the Repeal of the Step-up in Basis, Among Others

Guidelines to Adhere to New Philadelphia Ordinance on Reporting Federal Tax Changes

Federal Student Loans and Taxes – A Primer

Will Capital Gain Rate Changes Kill Opportunity Zone Investments? Quite the Opposite, in Fact…

Tax Breaks for Parents in 2021!

IRS Springs a Surprise Interpretation of the 10-Year Rule Under the SECURE Act

American Rescue Plan Act's Free COBRA Mandate for Businesses - What You Need to Know

2021 Individual Tax Deadline Extension – Déjà Vu All Over Again

Another Round of Recovery Rebates Credits - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Pennsylvania Decennial Filings Due in 2021

COVID-19-Related Expansion of Tax Break for Teachers

Self-employed Individuals Can Claim COVID-19 Sick and Family Leave Tax Credits

PPP Update #22 – White House Announces Adjustments to PPP Program

6 Keys to Unlocking the Power of 529 Plans

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Explained, Tesla No Longer Eligible

Writing Off Business Losses from 2020 – How It’s Different Than Prior Years

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Home Office Deductions and the Coronavirus

PPP Update #21 – PPP Tax Treatment for State & Local Taxes

Protecting Your Heirs from Taxes and Creditors After the SECURE Act

Employee Retention Credit 2.0:  Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021

IRS Extends Relief for QOFs and Investors Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021: Individual Provisions

Tax Impact of 2020 Unemployment Compensation

PPP Update #20 – Reduced Your Forgiveness for the EIDL Advance?  You’re Entitled to a Refund + Interest

5 Tax Warrior Tips to Simplify Tax Time

PPP Update #19 – Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021: A New Relief Package

Tax Implications of a Business Move to Another State

ISOs and Year-End Planning

Inflation Adjustments Increase Tax Deductions for 2021

Tips on Getting Ready Now to File 2020 Federal Income Tax Returns

Pennsylvania EITC vs. Direct Contribution: What Should You Consider?

CAUTION: Restructuring Your Debt May Create Cancellation of Debt Income

Updated IRS Life Expectancy Tables Mean Smaller RMDs in 2022

New Partnership Tax Capital Reporting May Prove Problematic

PPP Update #18 – Further Clarity on Deductibility of Expenses

Unprepared Heirs: Starting the Family Conversation About Wealth Transfer (Updated)

IRS to Allow Pass-through SALT Workaround

PPP Update #17 – Updated Guidance: New Application, “Owner” Clarification, New Strings for Nonpayroll Costs & Related Parties, and some FAQs

PPP Update #16 – Questionnaires for Loans Greater Than $2 Million

Telecommuting - Payroll Issues for Pennsylvania Businesses and Employees

Trump’s Chinese Bank Account Raises Questions for U.S. Taxpayers with Foreign Accounts

Cash Flow Forecasting and Finding Liquidity During the Pandemic

Tonight’s Presidential Debate – Listen for These Tax Topics

Guidance on Payroll Tax Deferral Creates More Questions Than Answers

Emergency Tax Relief for Californians and Iowans

PPP Update #15 – Forgiveness FAQs and Applications

State Nexus and Tax Issues Resulting from a Remote Workforce

IRS Expands the Definition of Coronavirus-Related Distributions

IRS Grants Extensive Relief to 2020 RMD Recipients

PPP Update #14 – You Can Apply for Forgiveness Early, but Buyer Beware

PPP Update #13 – Revised Forgiveness Guidance: New IFRs and Applications

Seize the Day: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Consider Cost Segregation

PPP Update #12 – Revised Guidance for PPP Forgiveness Begins; More Expected to Follow

IRS Grants Broad COVID-19 Relief to Qualified Opportunity Funds and Their Investors

June 15 Estimated Tax Due Dates Still Valid in Certain States

PPP Update #11 - Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act (PPFA)

Estate Planning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Form BE-10: Foreign Real Estate and Business Activity

PPP Update #10 - Potential Changes & Forgiveness Regulations

PPP Update #9 – Loan Forgiveness Application Released by SBA

529 Plans & COVID-19 Tuition Refunds - 60 Days to Act

PPP Update #8 – What If I Can’t Rehire My Employees? Should I Keep My PPP Money? Can I Get More PPP Money?

IRS Allowing Mid-year Changes to Health and Dependent Care Plan Elections

PPP Update #7 – What’s New? – Clarity on Deductibility of Expenses & Other Items

PPP Update #6 - Additional Funding Signed into Law & Eligibility Guidance Updated

Opportunities to Increase Cash Flow from 2018–2020 Business Losses

PPP Update #5 – New Guidance for Individuals and Partners with Self-Employment Income

Employee Retention Credits - Alternative Relief to Paycheck Protection Loans

Delay of Payment of 2020 Employer Payroll Taxes

IRS Expands Extension Relief - Now Includes Q2 2020 Individual Estimates

CARES Act Offers Relief for TCJA Interest Expense Limitations

Beware of COVID-19 Scams and CARES Act Economic Impact Payment Update

PPP Update #4 - Paycheck Protection Program – FAQs Issued and Updated

Charitable Giving Changes Related to COVID-19

PPP Update #3 - Paycheck Protection Program Loan - Regulations & Final Application Released

PPP Update #2 - Paycheck Protection Loan Application and Guidance Released by SBA/Treasury

Need Liquidity? The Paycheck Protection Program Loan Under the CARES Act Can Help

Depreciation Changes Under CARES Act - Qualified Improvement Property

CARES Act Creates Special Rules for Retirement Funds in 2020

IRS Unveils People First Initiative

BREAKING NEWS - $2T COVID-19 Relief CARES Act Becomes Law

Update on Federal and State Tax Deadlines

IRS Provides Expanded Relief for All Taxpayers with April 15 Deadlines

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Enacted

IRS Provides Guidance on Coronavirus Relief Package

Coronavirus Relief Package Likely to Extend April 15th Tax Return Filing and Payment Deadline

Procrastinators Guide to Gathering Tax Information

Understanding REITs and Their Place in Your Portfolio

Tax Talk Glossary – Types of Income

REMINDER – New Form 1040 for Seniors

Partnerships – What’s New for 2019?

Guest Blog - Weatherproofing Your Financial Portfolio for Market Volatility

Lessons from My Family Business

Meghan & Harry Moving to Canada? The Tax Implications for the British Royal Couple

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Top Tax Firm Welcomes 4 New Shareholders

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The SECURE Act - Significant Changes for IRAs and 401(k)s – Part II

The SECURE Act - Significant Changes for IRAs and 401(k)s – Part I

Last-Minute, Year-End Tips for Self-Employed Taxpayers

Happy Holidays from Drucker & Scaccetti

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Trump and House Agree to Extend Expired Tax Incentives

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7 Tax-Saving Stocking Stuffers for Year-End 2019

Tax Impact of Divorce

Significant Change in Reporting for Partnerships Ahead

M&A: Things Sellers Should Not Overlook

Inflation Adjustments Increase Tax Deductions for 2020

States Seek Revenue via Business Activity Questionnaires. Be on the Lookout!

IRS Issues Final Regulations on 401(k) Plan Hardship Distributions

Top 5 Blogs of the 2019 Tax Season

4 Tax Topics in the Presidential Campaign

Warren Buffett’s Lesson on Donating to Charity

Different For the Sake of Being Better…

Renting a room? That Income is Taxable. However...

Disallowance of Excess Business Losses

Retirement Planning Late in the Game

Taxation at Birth/Taxation at Death – The Circle of Life

Interest Rates and Your Estate Plan

So You Want to be a “Venture Capitalist”  Well, Why Not?

Deductions for Qualified Transportation Benefits - Another Casualty of TCJA

GUEST BLOG: Opportunity Zones – A Not-So-Common Point of View

Tax Warrior Vlog - Are You a Tax-Savvy Entrepreneur?

Back to School – Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses

Talking Taxes with Kids – 529 Plans, IRAs and 401(k)s

NJ’s ‘Airbnb Tax’ Updated to Help Owners

Your Kids in the Family Business Post-Trump Tax Reform

Divorce on Schedule 1 – Alimony

Help Us Help You – Getting Us Your Tax Documents

Tax Considerations for Pass-Through Entities: §§ 199A and 163(j)

New Form 1040 for Seniors Proposed

"Back to Basis"- Basis Schedule of S Corporation

TCJA: What it Said vs. What it Did

HOLY COW! Navigating the IRS Just Got Easier—Or Did It?

Are Donor-Advised Funds the Right Tool for You?

New Law Limits a Key Business Sales Tool

NYC Residents Will Pay Higher Real Estate Transfer Taxes Beginning July, 2019

New PRIDE Bill Removes Statute of Limitations on Pre-Windsor Refund Claims for Same-Sex Married Couples

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Kaestner Trust in NC State Tax Nexus Case

‘Airbnb Tax’ in NJ Hits Shore Renters Hard

GUEST BLOG: 6 Gaps in Personal Insurance-How Not to Fall Victim to Benign Neglect

Tax Warrior Vlog - Let's Pick on Congress: Drafting Errors in TCJA

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