Tax Warrior Chronicles

UPDATE #4 - Paycheck Protection Program – FAQs Issued and Updated

Charitable Giving Changes Related to COVID-19

Update #3 - Paycheck Protection Program Loan - Regulations & Final Application Released

Update #2 - Paycheck Protection Loan Application and Guidance Released by SBA/Treasury

Need Liquidity? The Paycheck Protection Program Loan Under the CARES Act Can Help

Depreciation Changes Under CARES Act - Qualified Improvement Property

CARES Act Creates Special Rules for Retirement Funds in 2020

IRS Unveils People First Initiative

BREAKING NEWS - $2T COVID-19 Relief CARES Act Becomes Law

Update on Federal and State Tax Deadlines

IRS Provides Expanded Relief for All Taxpayers with April 15 Deadlines

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Enacted

IRS Provides Guidance on Coronavirus Relief Package

Coronavirus Relief Package Likely to Extend April 15th Tax Return Filing and Payment Deadline

Procrastinators Guide to Gathering Tax Information

Understanding REITs and Their Place in Your Portfolio

Tax Talk Glossary – Types of Income

REMINDER – New Form 1040 for Seniors

Partnerships – What’s New for 2019?

Guest Blog - Weatherproofing Your Financial Portfolio for Market Volatility

Lessons from My Family Business

Meghan & Harry Moving to Canada? The Tax Implications for the British Royal Couple

GUEST BLOG - Are Most of Your Retirement Eggs in the Same Tax Basket?

NJ Enacts New SALT Workaround with Entity-Level Tax Election

VLOG - Tax Tips for Law Firm Partners

Is Your W-4 Optimized for You?

Rogue One: A Single Tax on Foundation Investment Income Story

3 Promoted to Managing Associates at Top Tax Firm

IRS Hones in on Partial Asset Disposition Deductions

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? The IRS!

Top Tax Firm Welcomes 4 New Shareholders

The Tax Warriors Turn 30! A Look Back at 1990.

The SECURE Act - Significant Changes for IRAs and 401(k)s – Part II

The SECURE Act - Significant Changes for IRAs and 401(k)s – Part I

Last-Minute, Year-End Tips for Self-Employed Taxpayers

Happy Holidays from Drucker & Scaccetti

Form 1099 Filers Face a Bumpy Ride

Trump and House Agree to Extend Expired Tax Incentives

Opportunity Zone Must-Knows Before Year-End

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Form 1065 Reporting Partners’ Tax Capital

7 Tax-Saving Stocking Stuffers for Year-End 2019

Tax Impact of Divorce

Significant Change in Reporting for Partnerships Ahead

M&A: Things Sellers Should Not Overlook

Inflation Adjustments Increase Tax Deductions for 2020

States Seek Revenue via Business Activity Questionnaires. Be on the Lookout!

IRS Issues Final Regulations on 401(k) Plan Hardship Distributions

Top 5 Blogs of the 2019 Tax Season

4 Tax Topics in the Presidential Campaign

Warren Buffett’s Lesson on Donating to Charity

Different For the Sake of Being Better…

Renting a room? That Income is Taxable. However...

Disallowance of Excess Business Losses

Retirement Planning Late in the Game

Taxation at Birth/Taxation at Death – The Circle of Life

Interest Rates and Your Estate Plan

So You Want to be a “Venture Capitalist”  Well, Why Not?

Deductions for Qualified Transportation Benefits - Another Casualty of TCJA

GUEST BLOG: Opportunity Zones – A Not-So-Common Point of View

Tax Warrior Vlog - Are You a Tax-Savvy Entrepreneur?

Back to School – Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses

Talking Taxes with Kids – 529 Plans, IRAs and 401(k)s

NJ’s ‘Airbnb Tax’ Updated to Help Owners

Your Kids in the Family Business Post-Trump Tax Reform

Divorce on Schedule 1 – Alimony

Help Us Help You – Getting Us Your Tax Documents

Tax Considerations for Pass-Through Entities: §§ 199A and 163(j)

New Form 1040 for Seniors Proposed

"Back to Basis"- Basis Schedule of S Corporation

TCJA: What it Said vs. What it Did

HOLY COW! Navigating the IRS Just Got Easier—Or Did It?

Are Donor-Advised Funds the Right Tool for You?

New Law Limits a Key Business Sales Tool

NYC Residents Will Pay Higher Real Estate Transfer Taxes Beginning July, 2019

New PRIDE Bill Removes Statute of Limitations on Pre-Windsor Refund Claims for Same-Sex Married Couples

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Kaestner Trust in NC State Tax Nexus Case

‘Airbnb Tax’ in NJ Hits Shore Renters Hard

GUEST BLOG: 6 Gaps in Personal Insurance-How Not to Fall Victim to Benign Neglect

Tax Warrior Vlog - Let's Pick on Congress: Drafting Errors in TCJA

Introducing  - Tax Warrior Vlog

June 30th Opportunity Fund Testing is Near - Here’s What You Need to Know to Pass!

What Pride Month Means to The Tax Warriors

Wayfair - One Year Later

"Spring Forward" with a W-4 Check-up

Tax Implications of Senator Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Eliminate Student Loan Debt

Learn from The Tax Warriors® – Upcoming Events

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY - Advice to New Moms on Returning to Work

How Social Media Influencers Are Taxed In the U.S.

The QOZ Wait Is Over (For the Most Part)

VIDEO - Tax Day is Coming!

The Fairness of Taxes from the Perspective of Children

How to Host Tax Deductible Parties Benefitting Charitable Organizations

5 Fixes to Combat Identity Theft

Major Changes to Estate Plans? Consider a Letter of Competency

Lights, Camera, Action! Regional Film Tax Credits

The Tax-Savvy Bryce Harper Deal

Offer In Compromise – Working With Your Tax Advisor

New Partnership K-1 Disclosure Requirement - The IRS's Threat and Partial Retreat… We Mean Relief!

5 Tax Tips for Startups

Entity Structure Differences and Why It Matters

GILTI Formulas and Election to Individual Taxpayers for GILTI Relief

Estimated Tax Underpayments – Not Light Stuff Anymore

Non-Resident Alien Withholding – Part II

Non-Resident Alien Withholding: Part I

WEBINAR - The Experts Discuss Qualified Opportunity Zones

Tax Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Business Interest Expense Limitation

Tax Rates and Brackets at Your Fingertips!

Section 199A Aggregation Rules

Did Your Hobby Became More Expensive Under TCJA?

Why Isn’t Philadelphia Advertising Wage Tax Refunds Available for Low-Income Families?

Simplified Tax Form May Not Be A Reality

Standard vs. Itemized Deductions: Which is Best for You?

Which States Will Conform to Tax Law Changes?

Changes to Uniform LLC Act May Have Unexpected Impact

Jump Start Your Tax Filing – Do I Owe?

D&S Promotes Two to Partner

Understanding the New 1040 Postcard

New Tax Law Challenges Present Opportunity for Scams

Married, Living Separately…Together

IRS Issues Standard Mileage Rates for 2019

Your Foreign Interests and the U.S. Tax Law

Finding and Securing Unclaimed Property

Understanding IRS Collections & Installment Agreements

More Upcoming Tax Warrior Events – International Taxes and Opportunity Zones

The New Tax Law: 2018 Year-End Planning Tips for Individuals

Upcoming Tax Warrior Events – TCJA Update and Opportunity Zones

The New Tax Law: 2018 Year-End Planning Tips for Businesses

Impact Investing and Program-Related Investments:  The Impact on Private Foundation Excise Taxes

ATTENTION Philly Property Owners – Beware the Use & Occupancy Tax

Divorce and Your Employee Stock Compensation Plans

The Wizards of “OZ” Introduce Resource Center and Incentive Ideas for Opportunity Zones

On the Forefront of Innovation

Tax Considerations of Converting Your Primary Residence into a Rental Property

Keep Your Eye on the Exit

Unprepared Heirs: Starting the Family Conversation About Wealth Transfer

Tax Avoidance vs. Tax Evasion – My Opinion on the Trump Conundrum

Pre-Immigration Planning Options and Considerations for Nonresident Aliens

Head of Household in Post-TCJA Times: Still a Worthy Tax Filing Status?

Moving and Relocating Under the New Tax Law

Opportunity Zones - Six Pages of the TCJA Create a Tax-Savings Opportunity for Everyone

Spouse ‘Forging’ Your Signature on Tax Return May Not Be a Problem…Until It Is!

Small Window of Opportunity to Combat New Proposed Regulations from IRS Regarding Contributions in Exchange for State and Local Tax Credits

REMINDER: Q3 2018 Estimated Tax Payments Due September 15th (17th)

Planning for Expiring KOZ Tax Exemptions

Philadelphia Wage Tax Rate Reduces Again as Planned

Tax Law Changes May Influence Structure of Foreign Subsidiaries

Got a Letter from the IRS? What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do!

UPDATE - PA Department of Revenue Releases New Guidance on New 1099-MISC PA Withholding Requirements

International Taxation for Individuals - Part IV: Which Forms Are Commonly Required?

International Taxation for Individuals - Part III of IV: How Are Nonresidents Taxed?

IRS Advises Certain Vets to Amend Returns to Claim Tax Refunds for Overpayments

GUEST BLOG: TCJA Creates New Tax Deferral Election for Certain Stock Options and RSUs

Tax Law Includes Changes to Moving, Mileage, and Travel Expenses

International Taxation for Individuals – Part II: How Do I Avoid Double Taxation?

The Wayfair Decision—Is Your Business Exposed?

International Taxation for Individuals – Part I: Who is Subject to Tax?

Matrimonial Forensics Accountant Joins D&S

The Cryptocurrency Conundrum Part III: What We Look To Moving Forward

Tips for Amending Tax Returns

The Cryptocurrency Conundrum Part II: What We Know, and What We Don’t

Excessive CEO Pay - Performance-based Compensation, et. al.


The Cryptocurrency Conundrum Part I: What Is It, and Why Does It Matter for My Taxes?

Business Interest Limitation and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - Part II

Business Interest Limitation and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - Part I

REMINDER: Q2 2018 Estimated Tax Payments Due June 15th

State & Local Tax Deduction Workarounds in IRS Crosshairs

Texas Launches Tax Amnesty Program

IMPORTANT REMINDER – Undisclosed Offshore Assets Leniency Program Ends Soon

Learn from The Tax Warriors® – Upcoming Events

International Tax Attorney Joins D&S

We’re Hiring--Help Us Find the Next Tax Warriors!


The Other "Super" Team in Philadelphia...

Changes to Estate Plans with Increased $10M Exclusion

529 Plans Expand in New Tax Law

Trump Repeals Technical Termination for Partnerships


Tax Reform NOL Changes May Impact Struggling Companies

IRS Ending Offshore Financial Asset Disclosure Program

Retirement Savings Strategy Thwarted by New Tax Law

Tax Reform Update: Interest on Home Equity Loans Often Still Deductible

Guest Blog: “Control of the Dead Hand”

Wrongfully Levied by the IRS?  Time is Now On Your Side

New 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction: An Intro to §199A

UPDATE – PA Department of Revenue Delays New 1099-MISC PA Withholding Requirements

Part II (of 4)- Mandatory Transition Tax on Certain Deferred Foreign Income 

New Incentive Tax Credit for Employers Who Offer Paid Leave

Bypassing the $10K State and Local Tax Deduction Limitation

Super Bowl, Minnesota style: The Eagles, Patriots Get Tackled by the Tax Man

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN): You May Need to Renew Before Filing Your Return in 2018

Changes in Treatment of Entertainment Expenses

New Tax Act Shuts Down Strategy for Foreign Investors in U.S. Partnerships

Mandatory Transition Tax on Certain Deferred Foreign Income - Part I

Effect of the New Tax Law on Alimony

UPDATE - New PA Withholding Requirements - 1099-MISC

Rushed Legislation May Hurt the Victims…Again

PA Tax Alert for 1099-Filers:  Withholding Required for Non-Employee Compensation and Certain Lease Payments to Non-Residents

Prepaying Property Taxes? Make Sure This One Condition is Met!

Year-End Tax Planning Moves in Light of Tax Reform

Year-End Giving - Donor Advised Fund or Private Foundation?

IRS Increases Standard Mileage Rates for 2018

Millennial Series Part XI: Holiday Gifts and Roth IRAs

D&S Announces 4 New Principals and a New Manager

CA State Treasury to the Philadelphia Eagles: “THANK YOU!”

Understanding Self-Directed IRAs … Is One Right for You?

Exceptions to Early Withdrawal Penalty for 401(k) & IRA Distributions

Millennial Series Part X: Saving for College - 529s vs. UTMAs

Conference Call - Tax Reform Overview & Impact

The Transition from  W-2 Employee to Partner

Tax Code Changes in the 2017-2018 PA Budget

Tax Reform – Why We’ve Been Nearly Silent

BIRT Payments Must Be Electronic Starting April 2018

Tax Help with Planning for College

IRS Formally Withdraws Proposed Estate Transfer Regs

The Bitcoin Dilemmas in the U.S.

Millennial Series Part IX:  Keys to Consolidating Debt

“Stressed” Retirement System Forces GAO to Review 401(k) Contribution Deductions

Is Your Bag of Clothes Really Worth $500? - Documenting Noncash Donations

The Millennial Series: Part VIII – Understanding Your Company’s Retirement Plan Options

Reconstructing Business Records After a Disaster

Millennial Series VII: Refinancing a Home: What You Should Know

The Powerful and Little-known ID Theft Tool

Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code Released - Lacks Depth and Details

New Tax Strategy for Foreign Investors in U.S. Partnerships

Info to Complete FASFA – College Planning

Millennial Series: Part VI (2 of 2) – How Employee Stock Options are Taxed

Hurricanes Harvey & Irma and their Impact on NY, PA and NJ Residency

Penalty Relief for Partnerships That Filed Late in 2017

Millennial Series: Part VI (1 of 2) – How Employee Stock Options Work

IRS Issues Tax Relief to Hurricane Harvey Victims and Warns of Charity Scams

Millennial Series Part V:  Tax Help for Having or Adopting Children

Estimated Taxes Due September 15th…Are You Prepared?

Millennial Series: Part IV - 3 Reasons Why Young Adults Should Consider Life Insurance

2017 Tax Reform: What Trump and Congress Are Now Considering

Millennial Series: Part III Buying a House – What Every Millennial Should Know

Selling the Family Business? Set up a Family Office First!

Game of Thrones: How Some Royal Families Are Taxed…and Why

Tax & Business Tips for Women-Owned Businesses

Millennial Series: Part II – Tax Tips for Getting Married

The Importance of a ‘Sudden’ Succession Plan

“The Talk” – Part II - Getting Your Parents to Talk About Family Wealth

“The Talk” – Part I: Talking to Your Kids About Wealth Transfer

City or the Burbs?  The Choice of Moving to Philadelphia

Liens, Levies and Collections; Oh My!

The Millennial Series: Part I – Completing a W-4

Estimated Tax Payments for Individuals – The Who, What, When and Why

The Tax Ins and Outs of Short-Term Rentals

Leaving U.S. for Good! Not So Fast…

Healthy Tax Considerations During Your Company’s Open Enrollment Period

What Happens When KOZ Tax Breaks Are Not Extended?

Tax Help Taking Care of Elderly Parents

2017 NFL Draft Round One: A Tax Advisor’s Take

Brand Evolution - The Tax Warriors' New Look...and Dancing!

Your Chances of Being Audited…By the Numbers

Rehab Your Tax Return: 10-20% Tax Credit for “Old” Building Renovations

Rules of the 60-Day Rollover Period for Qualified Plans and IRAs

Tax Implications of Selling a Structured Settlement

Tax Refund Opportunity for Philadelphia Residents Working Outside PA

Gifts & Inheritances from Abroad – What You Need to Know

What Trump’s 2005 Tax Return Tells Us, and What It Doesn’t…

The Basics of Becoming a Business Partner

Winter Storm Buys Time for Businesses to Request Extensions

March Madness – Let’s Skip Right to the “Elite Eight”

Law Makes Dying Less Expensive for NJ Residents

Good News for Small Businesses Under ObamaCare

Drucker & Scaccetti Selected as Top Philly Accounting Firm

Governor’s Budget Includes Tax Impact for PA Businesses

And the Winner Is: The IRS…Seriously

Do Attached Strings Affect the Value of a Gift (for Tax Purposes)?

IRS Rules Post-Retirement Payments Are Subject to Self-Employment Tax

Cupid’s Arrow – Tax Tips for the Soon-to-Be Betrothed

The Walking Dead – How Celebrity Estates Are Taxed

Snow Day Assignment – Get Organized!

Social Security and The Trump Administration

Paying IRS in Pennies is NOT a Good Idea!

The Taxation of the “Uber” Economy

Trump on Trump – How His Tax Plan Benefits Him Personally

2017 Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Program Details Released

Kathy Bates Is Funny…But Did She Get the Right Advice?

What’s All the Hub-bub with the Philly “Soda Tax?”

2016 Tax Rates and Other Changes for the Upcoming Filing Season

The First Baby Boomers Must Start Taking RMDs

Trump Elected; It’s Time to Shore Up 2016 Tax Planning

Tax Breaks for Veterans and Their Employers – An Update

Are You Responsible for Your Unfulfilled Charitable Pledges?

NJ Estate Tax Repealed; Inheritance Tax Still Applies

Using Halloween To Teach Kids About Taxes…Hilarious!

UPDATE – Proposed Section 2704 Regulations to Affect All Estate Sizes

A Proposed Change in Federal Taxation May Make Gifting Trickier

IRS Advice on “Grouping” Passive Activity Losses

“Carried Interest” and Why the Candidates Want to Get Rid of It

Proposed 2704 Regulations Challenge Family Business Planning

100% Tax-free Startup Profits Under the QSBS Rules

Changes to IRS Form May Impact Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Can the IRS Take My Home?

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

NJ May End Reciprocal Tax Deal with PA

REMINDER: Q3 2016 Estimated Tax Payments Due September 15th

“President” Trump, Wealth and Passive Losses

529 Plans – A Precautionary Tale

IRS Provides New Self-Certification Procedure for Waiver of 60-Day Rollover Requirement

Should it Matter to Me That Prince Died Without a Will? Yes!

BACK TO SCHOOL - Managing Unused Funds in Your 529 Account

What We Found in the Clintons’ Tax Return

IRS Provides Tax Relief to Louisiana Storm Victims; Deadlines Extended

UPDATE -  U.S. Real Estate Market Target for Money Laundering

Proposed 2704 Regulations Challenge Family Business Planning

Quid Pro Quo: The Gold (Silver & Bronze) Medal Tax in Rio

A Parent’s Guide to the “Kiddie Tax”

PA Tax Amnesty Program Coming Soon!

ALERT - Taxpayer Info on PA Auditor’s Stolen Laptop

What’s Your Tax Independence Day for 2016?

Survivor's Filing Status After Spouse's Death

“To Err is Human, to Forgive is Divine”

FBAR Due June 30, 2016 – Substantial Changes in 2017

IRS Gives Clarity to Real Estate Developers, But Questions Remain

Big (and Confusing) Changes: New Federal Filing Deadlines

College Students Latest Target of Tax Scammers

Philly Tax on Short-Term Rentals – The DNC is Coming to Town

REMINDER: Q2 2016 Estimated Tax Payments Due June 15th

GUEST BLOG: Understanding Life Settlements - Repurposing Life Insurance into Cash

How Do You Account for Non-U.S. Income?

Take Advantage of Transportation Work Credits

May the 4th Be With You! 

"Bernie" Supports D&S-Created Scholarship

IRS Reversal on “Bad-Boy Guarantees” and Impact on Nonrecourse Loans

Volunteer Your Way to Tax Savings

Think Green, Save Green

Why It’s Time to Start 2016 Tax Planning

VIDEO: The Freshest Tax Firm In Philly...

Last-Minute Tax Tips/Q1 2016 Estimate Reminder

My CPA Says "Extend." What Does That Mean to Me?

Small Businesses - Get Your Share of Philly Business Tax Credits

The Luck of the Corporate Tax Inversion

Shakespeare’s Timeless Tax Warning

Quick Guide on Debt Cancellation

Releasing Tax Returns Under Audit: Is Trump Right or Wrong?

Road Map to Quick LGBT Tax Filing Tips

Analyzing U.S. Presidents’ Charitable Contributions

Protecting You From More Than Weather

Which Tax Documents Should I Keep, and For How Long?

A Non-efilers Guide to Timely Filing Individual Tax Returns

Facts & Fun - D&S 2015: A Year in Review

U.S. Real Estate Market Targeted for Money Laundering

Is It For Fun or For Profit?

Are You Protected from Your Spouse’s Tax Situation?

Basics of Starting a New Business - Part II

New Expensing Safe Harbor for Restaurants and Retail Space

Basics of Starting a New Business-Part I

New Law Avails R&D Credit to Mid-Market/Family Businesses; Makes it Permanent

Quiz Show Winnings vs. Lottery Winnings – Is There a Tax Difference?

Live HERE, Work THERE? Congress Wants to Help!

New Year’s Resolution:  Keep Accurate and Timely Records to Demonstrate Material Participation

“The Hit Dog” Mo Vaughn Goes Down on Strikes in Court

Tax Court Says “Show Me the Money” for Qualified Residence Interest

Tax Treatment of Internet Domain Names

BREAKING TAX NEWS: Congress’s Annual Holiday Spectacular – Tax Extenders!

“A Portion of Sales Goes To Support…” But What Does the IRS Say?

Reminder: Take IRA RMDs by 12/31 and Avoid Penalties!

Understanding Immigrant Filing Status in the US

Small Businesses Asked; IRS Listened - Tangible Property Expensing Threshold Raised

IRS Becomes More Efficient - 83(b) Elections Need No Longer Be Attached to Tax Returns

Congress: Delinquent Taxes = Passport Denied!

GUEST BLOG: 10 Takeaways from the New Partnership Audit Rules

Budget Bill Changes Social Security Strategies

Update: Cleveland’s Version of the ‘Jock Tax’ Still Unconstitutional

Filing Taxes When a Spouse is Serving Overseas: 4 Things to Know

After 74,000+ Pages of FederalTax Code, IRS Finally Defines “Spouse”

Happy Halloween from the Tax Zombies!

Travel While Being Charitable Has Tax Benefits

Time to Revisit Your Estate Plan – Income Tax Basis Planning is the New Estate Tax Planning

Estimates of the 2016 Brackets

Some Work and Some Play… Tax Breaks for Travelers Mixing Pleasure with Business

A Field Guide to Annuities and Taxation

With the Papal Visit, and Others to Follow, Business is Good In Philadelphia!

Making the Best Use of a Vacation Home – Part II

Employee Business Expense Deductions – What’s Your Responsibility?

Back-to-School Tax Savings for Parents and Students

(CHART) Employer Insurance Responsibilities Under Obamacare

Greater Debt Limit Applies to Unmarried Property Owners for Mortgage Interest Deduction

Early Withdrawal Penalty Applied to 401(k) Distribution Used to Prevent Foreclosure

Family Business Estate Planning: Valuation Discounts at Risk

Revised Extended Due Dates for Many 2016 Tax Returns

Here We Go Again…Will Congress Deal with Expired “Extender” Provisions?

Making the Best Use of a Vacation Home Under Today’s Rules – Part I

“Up in Smoke:” Feds Say Marijuana Dispensary Can’t Deduct Business Costs

Papal Visit Inspires Expanded Philly Tax on Short-Term Rentals

Appellate Court Affirms Bonus Payments as Ordinary Income

A Tax Guide for Students with Summer Jobs

TV Drama "Bloodline" Teaches Family Business Dynamics

Imputed Income in the Year of Marriage – The (Not So) Definitive Answer

NJ Tax Refunds Delayed Due to Anti-Fraud Measures

Proposed Regs Clarify R&D Credit for Internal-Use Software

Independence Day vs. Tax Freedom Day

Taxpayer Materially Participated in Related Real Estate Enterprises; Large Loss Allowed


BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare Tax Credits

IRS to Issue Estate Tax Closing Letters Only Upon Request

A Father’s Day Tax Guide – Just What He Always Wanted (Well, Maybe)!

Tax Benefits from Hiring Children to Work in the Family Business

New Tax-Advantaged Way to Save for Disabled Persons

Payments from Qualified Pension Plans - What are the Choices?

Not So Fast! Tax Filing Season Isn't Over Yet For Those with Foreign Accounts

Cleveland’s Version of the “Jock Tax” Ruled Unconstitutional

Keys to Estate Planning for Beneficiaries with Special Needs

How to Maximize Your Social Security Retirement Benefits

Carryback and Carryforward Periods for NOLs – A Tax Lifeline for Business Owners

Let's Give Moms Some "Credit"

Changing Tax Conditions for the Foreign Investor in Mexico

Landmark Marriage Equality Case Could Simplify Tax Filing for Same-Sex Spouses

Is It Time to Review the Beneficiaries of Your Estate Plan?

LAST-MINUTE TAX TIP – There’s Still Time to Make Your IRA Contribution for the 2014 Tax Year

VIDEO: Death & Taxes Like You've Never Seen Before

Some Taxes Are No Joke (Although They May Appear to Be)

What’s In a Name Change? Plenty for the IRS & SSA

Avoiding Identity Theft This Tax Season

6 Signs You Need to File a Tax Extension

Check-the-Box Election May Qualify as Nontaxable Liquidation

Tax Implications of Renting Your Second Home

Words Matter – Supreme Court to Decide on ObamaCare Linchpin

Relief from the Tangible Property Regulations… Should You Take the Bait?

Costly Tax Scams Becoming Harder to Unmask – Know the Signs

Active Members of an LLC are Subject to Self Employment Tax

DOL Revises Definition of Spouse Under FMLA

IRS Takes Action Based on Supreme Court Decision on Severance Pay

Tax Court OKs Most of Company’s QREs for Research Credit

Tax Issues Affecting Our Presidents…and Other Corporate Executives

Your Relationship Status, From the IRS’s View

Obama's FY 2016 Budget Contains Host of Individual and Business Tax Provisions

Organizing Your Tax Documents – An Essential Step in Timely Filings

What Do "Groundhog Day" and Taxes Have in Common?

Opening of IDES Under FATCA Begins to Close Door for Voluntary Disclosure

Do 'JUNO' What To Do On a Snow Day?

Separate-Filing Wife Can’t Use Husband's Activities to Escape PAL Rules

Tax Consequences of Bank Leumi Agreement with the Department of Justice: Another OVDP Issue

Follow Dr. King's Dream, and Be Tax Savvy While You Do It!

BREAKING NEWS – U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on State Same-Sex Marriage Bans

Federal Tax Planning for Modest Estates Now Focuses on Income Tax Savings

Selling or Expanding to Europe? Pay Attention to German Sales Tax Rules

Tax Court Rules Trust Can Qualify as “Real Estate Professional” – Ignores Stated IRS Position

2015 Standard Mileage Rates

SPECIAL VIDEO – “Keys to Reducing My 2014 Tax Liability”

12/31/2014 Deadline: Employers Must Amend Retirement Plans to Reflect Windsor Decision

Are You in the Business of Flipping Houses?—Tax Court Answers This Real Estate Question

Worried About Depreciation Deductions? The New De Minimis Safe Harbor Election Can Help

PAL from Home Converted to Rental Does Not Offset Excluded Principal Residence Gain

10 Tax Benefits for Members of the U.S. Armed Services

REIT Conversions Growing: Could Your Business Qualify?

Advantages of Naming Spouse as Sole Beneficiary of IRAs

Year-End Planning Strategies for the Net Investment Income Tax

Tax Court Holds Artist/Art Professor Not Snared by Hobby Loss Rules

We’re Happy Again! 2013 Tax Filing Season is Over! What's Next?

IRS Takes Hard Line on Substantiation Requirements: Contributions of Household Items

Nonresident Partners Liable for PA Tax on Foreclosure

Life Transitions: 10.3 Tax Facts About Selling a Home

Distinguishing Between Legitimate and Sham Trusts – It’s Not That Easy!

NJ Tax Resolution Program Ends November 17, 2014

Can My Hobby Be a Taxable Activity? It's Possible.

Small Business Tax Credit for Starting a Pension Plan

Mortgage Interest – Personal vs. Business Expense

GAO Analyzes IRS’s Difficulties Auditing Large Partnerships

Tax Court: Applying Prior Year Overpayments to Current Year Deficiency Not Our Call

NJ, MD and PA See Changes in Laws That Affect Taxes

Employee Business Expenses: What is Deductible?

Gambling Income and Losses – Tips for Tax Returns

Life Transitions: Wedding Season Means Tax Changes

ObamaCare Revisited: Is Everyone Really Covered?

NJ Makes Revenue-Enhancing Changes to Tax Laws

Recap of Recent Tax Developments

IRS Tax Credit Helps Pay for R&D

Life Transitions: Tax Implications of Divorce or Legal Separation – Part II

IRS To Allow Purchases of Longevity Annuities Through Qualified Plans and IRAs

Life Transitions: Tax Implications of Divorce or Legal Separation - Part I

How to Treat Same-sex Spouse Health Premiums Wrongly Included in W-2 Income

IRS Unveils New 1023-EZ Form for 501(c)(3) Small Tax-Exempts

Unused ITINs to Expire After Five Years — Does This Impact You?

1st Anniversary of Windsor v. United States - A Year in Review

Affordable Care Act Refresher and Important Tax Dates

IRS Unveils “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”

Court Rules Online Poker Accounts Must be Included on FBAR, Disregards IRS Instructions

Land Developer Can’t Use Completed Contract Method

New York Estate Tax – Watch Out for That Cliff!

Home is Where Your Heart Is… But Not Necessarily Your House

PA Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage: Reduces Tax Inequality & Complexity

PA Businesses Get Tax Breaks for Contributing to Scholarships

2-Year Tax Breaks for “Jump Starting” Philly Businesses

5.5 Tax Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Congressman's Charges Raise Awareness of IRS Civil Tax Fraud Penalty

Tax Aspects of Caring for An Elderly Individual

2014 Q1 Tax Headlines – A Roundup of This Year’s Tax Changes, So Far

Spouse Liable for Tax Penalty Despite Limited Involvement in Company

Your Chances of Being Audited: IRS's 2013 Data Book Provides Clues

It's Been a HAPPY, Busy Tax Season!

Sale of Land Results in Ordinary Income for Developer

Excluding Gains on the Sale of Your Principal Residence

Tax Rules for Children with Investment Income

LGBT Marriage & Taxes – Imputed Income for Partner Health Benefits

CRS Looking at Tax on “Carried Interest” for Partnerships…Again

April 1 Deadline - Tax Planning for Required Minimum Distributions

LGBT Marriage & Taxes – Tie the Knot or Finalize the Adoption First?

President’s Budget and Conservative Congressman’s Tax Reform Proposals Are Unusually Similar

LGBT Marriage & Taxes - Who Should Claim the Kids? – Possible Tax Refund Opportunity for Parents Not Legally Married

S-Corp Stock Basis & Relieved Debt

Distributions from Closely Held C-Corporations – Avoiding Dividend Treatment

Regs Make It Harder to Defer Tax on Compensatory Property Transfers

Crummey Trusts – An Effective Wealth Transfer Vehicle

What a Difference a Day Makes - Holding Period Rules for Preferential Capital Gains Treatment

BREAKING TAX NEWS - NJ Announces Initiative on Partnership Taxes & Fees with Scope Outside of State

Why Every REIT Should Know About Taxable REIT Subsidiaries

Thousands of Madoff Victims Have New Road to Recovery. Act Fast!

Tax-Deductible Commuting Expenses?

Baseball Team Had to Amortize Signing Bonuses Over Contract Period

Cleveland Tax Administrator Scores vs. NFL Players

The Super Bowl of Sports Betting is...The Super Bowl! Taxes Included

Tax Withholding Requirements of the ACA: Is Your Business Ready?

Booming Stock Market Puts Spotlight on Zeroed-Out GRATs

New Simplified Safe Harbor Tax Deduction Option for Home Office Users

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