Strategic Partnerships

The Tax Warriors® at Drucker & Scaccetti offer a wide range of professional services in response to our clients’ diverse needs and requirements. When those needs and requirements fall outside of the expert tax, financial and business consulting services D&S provides, we provide a comprehensive range of attest (audit), bookkeeping and legal services through our strategic partnerships.

Drucker, Math & Whitman, P.C. (DMW) is a full-service CPA firm located in East Brunswick, New Jersey. DMW provides a complete range of traditional CPA firm services, including accounting, auditing, tax, divorce and general business consulting.

The firm is managed by Sheldon Whitman and Barry Siegel. Additional shareholders include Joseph Schrum, Fran Whitman and Leonard Whitman. Similar to Drucker & Scaccetti, the shareholders at DMW emphasize an approach to client engagements based on personalized service, responsiveness, integrity and creativity.

DMW’s clients include privately owned businesses in construction, professional/medical service, wholesale, distribution and real estate. In addition to privately owned businesses, DMW’s clients also include pension and profit sharing plans as well as nonprofit and government entities.

Drucker Beckman Sobel, LLP (DBS) has a longstanding relationship with Drucker & Scaccetti. Ronald H. Drucker, Ronald J. Beckman and Mark Sobel are founding partners in this independent law firm and were/are shareholders of Drucker & Scaccetti. Founding Partners Drucker, Beckman and Sobel help ensure the D&S philosophy of client service and technical excellence is a meaningful part of DBS. With the formation of this law firm, Drucker & Scaccetti attorney shareholders can implement and facilitate many of the legal strategies developed for Tax Warrior clients. DBS provides certain traditional legal services such as estate document drafting, corporate formation, transactional and real estate services. DBS can provide attorney client confidentiality when the concerns of their clients require privileged communication as in cases of tax fraud, tax controversy or other sensitive legal matters.

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