Tax Controversy

Businesses and individuals across every industry and professional field are currently facing heightened scrutiny from the IRS as it seeks to encourage greater transparency nationwide. New examination approaches have increased the range of returns that fall under review as the IRS attempts to examine more tax returns from a broad range of entities - particularly S corporations, partnerships and high net worth individuals. These new examination approaches, combined with constantly changing tax laws and increased IRS enforcement policies, make proactive planning and preparation for IRS examination more important than ever.

The Tax Warriors® represent clients at all levels of a Tax Controversy - from pre-filing and administrative processes through audit and administrative appeal - offering knowledgeable and skillful advocacy on their behalf in federal, state and local tax disputes. Where tax fraud is asserted, The Tax Warriors can become part of the legal team’s defense.

Drucker & Scaccetti’s experienced team of tax accountants and attorneys possesses the proven skills and expertise to defend you or your company in the event of a Tax Controversy. Of course, litigation is uncertain, costly and public. Therefore, the Tax Controversy experts at DS strive to prevent courtroom battles whenever possible by vigilantly identifying and providing potential settlement approaches that maximize a client's leverage. In the event that trial prevention proves impossible, The Tax Warrior team of experienced professionals works with trial counsel to prepare powerful case presentations in defense of our clients.


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