Tactical Tax Planning

As your personal wealth or business grows, it’s increasingly important to partner with an advisor with the necessary experience and expertise to effectively track, plan and manage your constantly evolving tax profile and business situation. By offering business and individual financial advice that transcends the bounds of reactive tax planning, The Tax Warriors® at Drucker & Scaccetti protect your assets and help you chart the path to strong, sustainable growth.

The Tax Warriors are trained in the art of Tactical Tax Planning. This essential principle guides every service that Drucker & Scaccetti provides.

Your tactical tax plan begins with a thorough diagnostic examination of the challenges and advantages that make your personal or business financial situation unique. Based on the information gathered in this initial discovery session, we develop a detailed picture of your overall financial landscape. The Tax Warriors then create a series of comprehensive tax strategies in response, providing the valuable tax advice and planning services necessary to help protect you from potential tax controversies and battles while taking full advantage of available opportunities.

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