Think Big. Be Curious. Solve Problems.  These are not just part of our core values, but they are characteristics of successful professionals.  At Drucker & Scaccetti, we develop skilled tax accountants and consultants starting with our annual Discover D&S event for freshman and sophomore accounting students. We give you the facts to help you make better decisions about your career. Putting the client first has always been the foundation of our servicing model; this principle carries to our recruiting process, and at Discover D&S we will put you first.

At Discover D&S, you will:

  • Learn about the difference between a career in tax and a career in audit2016_Management_Consultants.jpg
  • Understand why we chose tax as a career
  • Learn about the D&S internship experience
  • Receive personalized résumé advice
  • Learn successful interview techniques
  • Visit our Center City office and experience our culture
  • Meet our partners, managers, and former and current interns

You can also expect to learn what a day in the life of a tax intern is like at D&S. You will learn about our developmental resources including the D&S Business Academy and our orientation and 2014_BPTW_Logo-resized-600.jpgtraining program, and network with other candidates in your field from top schools in the region. Most importantly you’ll gain insight into life as a tax accountant, life at Drucker & Scaccetti, and put yourself on the road to our internship program.


Registration for Discover D&S 2017 is closed. Please enter your information to be placed on a waiting list for the program.